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Our story

Crewing Ukraine & Philippines

We are the company that spans shipowners and seafarers

Our Story

The year was 1997 when Bogdan Alec Zelenski founded Alpha Navigation. A new type of Crew Management company was born: Transparent, Open, Professional. 

Based on the knowledge that seafarers need someone greater than just a marine jobs vendor and that shipowners strive their success to be proven by results driven by skilled and strong-willed marine human resources, he has employed high business standards with ethical practices to exceed the both sides' expectations. Today, Alpha Navigation's close-knit team adheres to company core principles to provide strong competitive advantages to seafarers and shipowners.

Our Mission

We make a difference

Harnessing the unparalleled seafarers database Alpha Navigation has, over the years it operates on the market, found the best people formula to supply your vessel with the crew of your success.

The maritime industry throws up lots of challenges to seamen and our devoted managers are all about problem solving, so you can take only the critical decisions while we do the rest work for you.